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Foods You Should Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a goal that usually takes time and patience to accomplish. If you only need to lose 10-15 pounds, getting to the ideal weight will be easier than it is for someone who needs to lose upwards of 150-200 pounds. Among the most important aspects of losing weight is eating a healthy and […]

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3 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

The decision to opt for weight loss surgery is usually one that comes after years of struggles to shed excess pounds for personal and health reasons that may include diabetes and severe sleep apnea. If this is a step you’ll be taking take time to get yourself mentally prepared for the procedure you’ve decided to […]

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What You Should Understand About Weight Loss Surgery

If you have considered weight loss surgery, your doctor may have suggested learning more about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Not only do surgeons require bariatric surgery patients to be in good health for the procedure, but it is also necessary to mentally prepare yourself for the journey ahead. It is […]

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4 Major Benefits Of Considering Weight Loss Surgery

While some people have no problem losing weight when they put effort in, others simply find it impossible to either lose weight or keep it off when they do. When you have struggled with losing weight for years, it can be difficult to think you may ever get out of the cycle of obesity. If […]

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What NOT To Do After Weight Loss Surgery

After weight loss surgery, some people think that it will be easy not to eat as often or as much food. There are often misconceptions about the size of the stomach after weight loss surgery and whether it can get larger again in the future if you eat too much, allowing you to gain weight […]

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How to Deal with Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery

From reducing health risks and reversing some of the effects of diabetes to being able to be more active and involved with your daily life, there are many positive benefits associated with weight loss surgery. One of the unpleasant results, however, is loose or excess skin. Human skin is like a rubber balloon in that […]

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Diet Trends: The Paleo Diet

Diet fads come and go by the dozen each year. However, the Paleolithic (or Paleo) diet has remained popular with weight loss and fitness enthusiasts. What is the Paleolithic Diet? The Paleolithic diet, also known as the Paleo diet, is a diet that mimics the dietary habits of the early cavemen. In short, the foods […]

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When Gastric Sleeve is Medically Necessary

Approximately one-third of American adults are considered obese. While bariatric surgery can be a lifeline for individuals who have been unable to lose their excess weight through conservative means, it is not appropriate for all patients. Since gastric sleeve and other bariatric surgeries involve significant and typically permanent changes to the digestive system, bariatric surgeons […]

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Eating Healthy During the Holidays after Sleeve

For many people, the holiday season signals a time of year to feast and indulge in culinary favorites. It is during this season that some people gain the most weight because of their overindulgence in cookies, cheeses, candies, and other savory treats. As a gastric sleeve patient, you can avoid weight gain and sabotaging your […]

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