What NOT To Do After Weight Loss Surgery

Jun 20, 2018 Admin blog 0 comments
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After weight loss surgery, some people think that it will be easy not to eat as often or as much food. There are often misconceptions about the size of the stomach after weight loss surgery and whether it can get larger again in the future if you eat too much, allowing you to gain weight once again. In order for weight loss surgery to be successful, there are some mistakes that you want to avoid making.

Drink Sugary Beverages

Instead of drinking sodas, juices, and tea, it’s best to only drink water. A mistake that many people make is drinking a beverage while eating. The liquid will often help to push the food out of the stomach pouch, which will then allow for more food to be consumed. With more food consumed, then you’re going to begin gaining weight again as there will be more calories taken in.

Eat Food with No Nutritional Value

After weight loss surgery, one of the mistakes that many people make is eating the same foods that they ate before but in smaller amounts. You have to consume foods that are beneficial for the body as the stomach created is of a small size, which means that if you eat foods that don’t have a nutritional value, then you’re going to feel full faster without getting the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs.

Eat Big Meals

Although it might seem like you should only eat a few small bites during the day since your stomach is smaller, you need to eat about four to five small meals throughout the day in order to maintain your strength and so that you feel full during the day. This will prevent you from overeating, which can result in the stomach stretching because you are trying to eat too much food at one time. Another option would be to drink a protein shake that has the nutrients that you need if you don’t want a full meal.

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