6 Tips for a Post-Surgery Wardrobe

Jun 20, 2017 Admin blog 0 comments
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Immediately after bariatric surgery, your weight will begin to reduce. Even the most obvious activities like buying clothes may be challenging, especially to people who have struggled to lose weight for long. Therefore, it is important to come up with an appropriate strategy for carrying out the shopping.

The following tips may help make every wardrobe dollar count.

1. Evaluate Your Closet

Most people have multiple-sized clothes tucked away in their closets and drawers. If you are one of these people, you will require organizing your clothes. Because you get progressively smaller, it is important to cluster clothes of similar size and after that arrange them from the smallest to the biggest. This way, you will have something to wear as you gradually lose weight.

2. Make Minimum Purchases

It is exciting to see the results of the hard work; therefore, it may be tempting to buy in bulk when you begin losing weight. No matter how long it has been since you enjoyed shopping for clothes, you should resist the urge to fill your closet with new clothes. Buy enough clothes to keep you until the next time you change in size when you need to shop again.

3. Buy for Your Current Size

You require clothes that can be worn now. Even if you are sure of shedding more pounds, do not buy for the future. If you are between sizes, you can consider the smaller size provided you are comfortable putting on close-fitting clothes. Well-fitting clothes will always look good and make you feel confident when wearing them.

4. Consider Alterations

Find a reliable tailor to alter your clothing as you lose weight. These adjustments can save you from making frequent purchases, while at the same time giving you a perfect look. Fitting your clothes can be especially useful if you have tailored clothing including business suits and blazers.

5. Embrace Versatile Clothing

Is there someone who does not love a little stretch in their clothing? Most pants and jeans nowadays have a little spandex in their fabric. Settle on stretchy garments that fit even after you will have reduced a couple of sizes. For instance, leggings fit reasonably well for a range of weights.

6. Organize a Clothing Exchange

If you are a member of a support group for weight loss surgery, you may consider carrying out a clothing exchange. Other people in the group are unmistakably undergoing the same thing. Therefore, you could set up a place and time for the swap.

After sleeve gastrectomy, you can experience many positive changes in your life. Due to these adjustments, it might take some time to get used to the new physique and the emotions that come with it. Shopping for new clothes is a way of celebrating the success of the weight loss program. Reward your efforts by dressing as the confident person that you are.

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