5 Gastric Sleeve Myths

May 26, 2017 Admin blog 0 comments
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Gastric sleeve (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) involves the removal of about 80 percent of the stomach and the creation of a smaller “sleeve” for the collection and processing of food. While VSG can be an effective surgery for patients who haven’t had success with other weight loss methods, the procedure isn’t an automatic “cure” for all weight-related issues. Read on to discover the truth behind some common myths associated with gastric sleeve surgery as you consider the procedure.

Myth: You Will Automatically Fill Full

Sleeve surgery does result in a smaller space for food. However, sleeve capacity will increase over time. Overdoing it with sliders, or foods that reduce in your stomach but don’t fill you up or provide much nutritional value (potato chips, popcorn), can also make you eat more than you should be consuming. So, you’ll need to stick with your dietary guidelines and acceptable portion sizes.

Myth: You Can Eat Whatever You Want and Not Gain Weight

Gastric sleeve surgery isn’t some kind of “eat what you want” ticket. The only exception is if you are loading up on healthy food options such as lean proteins, low-fat dairy products, and green, leafy veggies. While you may be able to enjoy occasional pleasure foods like pizza, you’ll have to be mindful of your diet and avoid sugary snacks and other foods that tend to pack on the pounds.

Myth: You Can Drop Your Calorie Intake to Lose Even More Weight

The human body needs a certain amount of calories to function. If you go below your recommended daily calorie intake, you’re not likely to see increased weight loss, at least not in a way that’s healthy. It’s also not wise to starve yourself during the week so you can consume high-calorie food on weekends.

Myth: You Have to Exercise

You can still lose weight without regular exercise. Even so, adopting a daily fitness routine following your procedure can help you see better results with your weight loss. And you’ll also feel healthier because of things like improved circulation and the release of endorphins (“feel good” hormones).

Myth: You’ll Need Plastic Surgery

Some people lose a lot of weight without the need for plastic surgery afterwards. Whether or not you have excess skin that will require surgery will depend on several factors, such as age and where you carried your extra weight.

The majority of weight loss experienced with gastric sleeve surgery will occur within the first year after the procedure, although some patients are able to continue to lose excess weight beyond that point. Your experience will depend on several factors, including your commitment to making positive lifestyle adjustments. Having realistic expectations ahead of time can also increase your odds of seeing meaningful results with the procedure.

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