Gastric Sleeve Benefits


Learn more about the incredible benefits you could experience from gastric sleeve.

Gastric sleeve is a procedure where a small “sleeve” is created for food and the rest of the stomach is removed to create a full feeling. One of the most significant of the gastric sleeve benefits is a noticeable reduction in weight.

  • The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recognized weight loss surgery as the only effective treatment for severe obesity
  • Following post-surgery recommendations can benefit your life in many ways beyond initial weight loss


Management of Weight-Related Conditions

Many people who have been overweight for a long period of time have co-existing conditions related to excess weight, with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and respiratory conditions like asthma among the most common health issues. A person who is overweight by 100 pounds experiences an added 400 pounds of joint pressure with each movement. However, patients with existing joint issues prior to their weight loss surgery may notice a significant reduction in their daily discomfort due to less pressure being placed on joints, muscles, tendons, and bones as the extra weight is lost.

Gastric-Sleeve-Benefits-The-Sleeve-Center-2The weight loss that many patients experience after gastric sleeve surgery often helps to manage a wide range of conditions that can be effected by excess weight. Similar results have been reported for patients who had type 2 diabetes prior to surgery, with the first improvement seen usually being the restoration of normal blood sugar levels. In some instances, sustained weight loss following the procedure may lead to:

  • Reductions in certain medications
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Remission of type 2 diabetes

Improved Confidence

Self-esteem often goes by the wayside when you’re dealing with excess weight that seems impossible to lose. There’s also research showing that losing weight decreases cortisol, a stress-related hormone, that may contribute to a boost in confidence linked to a reduction in stress. Improved confidence may also improve mood and reduce symptoms of mild depression, which sometimes results from previous failed attempts at losing weight.

A six-month study of overweight patients showed that those who lost at least eight percent of their weight or more reported fewer symptoms of depression.Gastric-Sleeve-Benefits-The-Sleeve-Center-3 A study of nearly 400 patients found that improvements in mood remained consistent for at least 2 years following initial weight loss. Furthermore, improvements in confidence, self-esteem, and mood can provide an incentive to stick to the lifestyle changes that need to be made following surgery for weight loss.

Better Quality of Life

A wide range of studies show that losing weight and keeping it off can have a significant effect on overall quality of life. An Australian study found that losing weight steadily improves both physical and emotional quality of life, results that remained consistent for at least five years after the initial weight loss among those studied.

Quality of life can also be improved following weight loss by sticking to dietary and fitness recommendations. Numerous studies suggest many physical and cognitive benefits associated with proper nutrition and regular exercise; and losing weight makes it easier to stick to a fitness routine and a well-balanced diet.

More Productive Sleep

Gastric-Sleeve-Benefits-The-Sleeve-Center-4Gastric sleeve benefits can also include improved rest. The National Sleep Foundation reports several instances of sleep-related issues in overweight individuals, with commonly reported problems including sleep apnea, daytime fatigue, insomnia, and interrupted or restless sleep. A Johns Hopkins University study showed that losing weight reduced instances of sleep apnea in subjects evaluated. Significant results were seen when belly fat was reduced by 15 percent or more; on average, gastric sleeve patients lose about 60 percent of their excess weight.

A University of Pennsylvania study found that obese adults who lost at least five percent of their body weight were able to sleep better and longer, with sleep quality improving even more as weight loss continued. Losing weight can also help reduce instances of daytime fatigue, which often leads to a return to healthier sleep patterns rather than intermittent periods of sleep.

Long-Term Weight Loss Results

Prior to surgery, many patients have a history of losing and gaining weight due to attempts at dieting and other efforts to shed pounds. Several long-term studies suggest results from surgical weight loss procedures tend to be long-term when patients make the recommended lifestyle adjustments. Data involving approximately 60,000 gastric surgery patients noted a significant reduction in mortality rates by as much as 90 percent.

A leading University of Miami School of Medicine surgeon estimates that approximately 80 percent of weight loss surgery patients who have operations like a gastric sleeve procedure do well in terms of long-term results. Odds of seeing sustained results are greatly increased by:Gastric-Sleeve-Benefits-The-Sleeve-Center-5

• Following a customized fitness routine
• Eating reasonable portions of healthy foods
• Having a reliable support system

A clinical study of 24 gastric sleeve patients over a five-year period noted an average loss of nearly 70 percent among those evaluated. Other studies have confirmed that some patients also see sustainable drops in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Your surgeon will help you understand what you have to do to increase your odds of achieving meaningful and lasting results. It is important to follow these guidelines and instructions carefully to increase your chances of seeing positive results. Your doctor’s advice following surgery is also helpful for easing recovery.

Since results can vary from one patient to the next and depend on many factors, including pre-surgery weight and current lifestyle, it is best to talk to your doctor about what your realistic expectations should be in order to have an idea of what you can look forward to after your procedure.

To learn more about possible gastric sleeve benefits and to understand how to best prepare and recover from the procedure, or to learn about other types of weight loss surgeries, contact our office today. During your free consultation, you can learn more about what will work best for you.

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