Cost for Gastric Sleeve


Plan ahead for your gastric sleeve by determining the cost and how the surgery will benefit you.

When other methods of weight loss prove to be unsuccessful, a gastric sleeve may be the solution. During the surgical procedure, more than half of your stomach will be removed and a thin, vertical sleeve will remain in order to reduce how much food your stomach can process. While there are many benefits to such an operation, it’s understandable to want to consider the cost for gastric sleeve.

  • Insurance providers are increasingly covering surgical weight loss procedures
  • The first step is determining whether the procedure is right for you


Insurance Coverage

Most patients who undergo some type of weight loss surgery are able to get insurance coverage for the procedure. According to one estimate, insurance companies cover operations like a gastric sleeve about 88 percent of the time. Most patients receive insurance coverage for a surgical weight loss procedure through private or public insurance.

Many insurance providers now cover gastric sleeves and other surgical weight loss procedures more so than they did in the past. Whether or not you’re covered and how much of the total expense of your procedure will be paid for by your insurer will depend on your specific policy. Even if your carrier covers the procedure, your individual policy may exclude such surgeries. Once you determine that a gastric sleeve is likely to benefit you, talk to your insurance agent or carrier directly to see what type of coverage you have available.

Seeking Coverage through Workplace Insurance

Cost-for-Gastric-Sleeve-The-Sleeve-Center-2Should you have insurance coverage through your employer, check with the appropriate person in human resources to see if weight loss surgery is included as part of your plan. While there are exceptions, PPO plans generally include gastric procedures and HMO plans usually don’t include this type of surgery. Some states require that weight loss surgery be covered regardless of the type of policy you have as long as the procedure falls within guidelines established by the National Institutes of Health. Contact your state’s department of insurance to see if this applies to your state.

If weight loss surgery isn’t covered by insurance you have through your employer, ask why it’s not included. There is plenty of compelling evidence to show the overall benefits of procedures like a gastric sleeve. You can also make a convincing argument that your productivity will increase as you lose weight and gain more energy. Even if your workplace insurance does cover the procedure, coverage may not extend to the anesthesia or any time you may need to spend in the hospital, which is usually overnight for a gastric sleeve. You will also need to ask about your associated costs, which can include co-pays and deductibles and are part of your cost for gastric sleeve.

Financing Options

Cost-for-Gastric-Sleeve-The-Sleeve-Center-3Financing is another option worth considering if you’re looking to absorb costs associated with a gastric sleeve that may not be covered by your insurance provider. Money you may have in a health savings account (HSA) can be used as a means of financing — and money taken out of an HSA for qualified medical expenses is tax free. If you work for a larger employer, you may be able to do the same with your health reimbursement account.

In some situations, your surgeon may be able to offer financing with terms that will allow you pay reasonable payments if the procedure isn’t covered by your insurance carrier. Additional sources of financing to cover costs associated with a gastric sleeve may include:

  • Personal loans from family members or friends
  • Secured medical loans from a bank or credit union
  • Unsecured medical loans (for smaller amounts, usually under $15,000)
  • Borrowing against a permanent life insurance policy
  • Retirement accounts
  • Credit cards

Offsetting Costs with Tax Deductions

Cost-for-Gastric-Sleeve-The-Sleeve-Center-4Most forms of weight loss surgery are tax deductible, which can offset costs associated with the procedure. It’s estimated that tax subsidies reduce medical expenses for the non-elderly by more than $200 billion annually. According to the IRS, if the cost of your procedure exceeds a certain percentage of your adjusted gross income, you’ll be able to deduct the procedure in most cases.

Potential Long-term Savings

After your initial recovery period from the surgery itself, you’re likely to see long-term savings. According to an estimate of patient savings, weight loss surgery patients spend approximately $900 less per month than those who are morbidly obese, with this savings often seen about a year after the procedure. You’re likely to enjoy added savings after having the operation from:

  • A reduction in obesity-related medical expenses
  • Less money spent on medications to manage certain conditions
  • Eliminating or reducing weight-related health problems
  • Increased employment opportunities
  • An overall improvement in quality of life

Cost-for-Gastric-Sleeve-The-Sleeve-Center-5If you think of a gastric sleeve procedure in terms of what your overall return on investment will be after it’s completed, it’s easy to justify the actual costs associated with it. As long as you adhere to the recommended dietary guidelines and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments, odds are good that you’ll enjoy many long-term benefits from a gastric sleeve procedure — and that’s one payoff that doesn’t come with a price tag.

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